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June 19th Artist Feature: Molly Stepanksy

Molly Stepansky was born and raised in Chicago Il, and has lived in Orland Park for the past 12 years with her husband and three children. Molly discovered her love of ceramics in college where she was a biochemistry major, who needed to take "just one" art class. That one class has turned into a lifelong love of clay. After a short career as a chemist, and then as a high school teacher, she now focuses her efforts on her family as a stay at home mom.

"My pieces of wheel thrown pottery are mostly functional; fluid shapes and minimalistic finishings appeal to me because they retain the essence of how they are made. A piece of pottery begins as a soft and malleable lump of clay. The balance of force between the spinning wheel and my hands creates a tension that pulls the clay upwards and if I'm lucky, a pleasing shape will appear. "

"Clay is a medium in which I can express myself because it appeals to my free spiritedness and my knack for staying centered through a bit of chaos."

See Molly's work on Saturday June 19th between 1pm-8pm at Peace Marketplace!

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